The taste of Miscela d'Oro coffee is like rediscovering the aroma and the tradition. Allow yourself to surrender to the relaxing and the ultimate enjoyment, no matter where you are and what you do.

We offer to your attention high quality ground coffee in capsules and dosetty.
Miscela d'Oro always has to offer the perfect product for every taste.
Espresso Capsules
Espresso capsules are compatible with the patented Italian coffee machines Nespresso and combine perfectly well Italian traditions with the Nespresso conception. Modern, practical and effective solution for balanced feeling of the aroma and taste of the coffee.
Coffee machines
High quality coffee a hand distance from you.
Take the proffesional coffee maker and enjoy the classical Italian taste.
Nespresso or Point. They distinguish with amazing foam, fast and efectivness.
Miscela d'Oro
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Losing oneself in the scent of coffee, hearing its sound; feeling its warmth through the cup, ravished by the velvety amber of its crema and savoring the unambiguous taste of the beans we selected. When we choose to drink a coffee, all our senses are engaged. At Miscela d'Oro, we would like to guide you in making the most pertinent choice, by using the harmony and the play of colours.

All our blends are identified by a different colour. Be it an espresso or a regular coffee, a quick shot or a slow sipping, you will always find the colour to your taste that recalls the same aroma.

You will always recognize your own coffee.
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We work hard every day to make a better and happier day for our clients
A cup of coffee - a pleasure for the palete and joy for the spirit
About Us
Lamo Trade LTD is official importer and distributor of the Italian coffee brand MISCELA d 'ORO since 2017.
Address: Mladost 1,bl. 14 A, Store 3, Sofia 1750, Bulgaria
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